Community Garden

The Elmsdale Community Garden is a volunteer-run project, bringing food security to people in and around Elmsdale. We grow crops, hold workshops and provide food for the community at pop-up markets around East Hants.

The Community Garden was founded out of a need for food security in our community. Between work, bills and personal commitments, many people struggle to fit healthy food into their lives. This is where we come in. We provide the seeds and space for volunteer gardeners to grow crops for the community. The food is available for anyone: all we ask is you let us know how many people the food will go towards feeding. In 2019, the Elmsdale Community Garden helped fill 2,465 plates.

Email and help us feed the community!

We'll ask you a few questions:

  • how often are you available to help?
  • do you have any previous gardening experience?
  • are you interested in helping with pop-up markets?
We hope you will support the Elmsdale Community Garden so that we can grow into an even bigger force for good in our community. Donations help us reach more people than our garden alone could feed. We are also grateful for the continued support of businesses and donors in the community that provide the seeds, soil and supplies to keep our gardens growing. Thank you for supporting our garden and helping us work towards a greener future.

The Elmsdale Community Garden is raising awareness of food security needs in our community.

We collect the number of people fed by the produce given away at our garden parties and pop-up markets. This information helps us show the need in our community for greater access to fresh food.

If you are interested in helping us draw awareness to this issue, please contact us at

Looking to expand your food horizons beyond the same old meals every week? The Community Freezer is here for you and your family.

The freezer is stocked with healthy meals and open to anyone looking for a change. Simply let us know how many people the meals will go towards feeding.

Pay what you can, if you can. Email for more information.

We hold several events throughout the summer months to build a sense of community around the Elmsdale Community Garden. These include:

  • Family Picnic (Early June)
  • AGM & Open House (Mid-June)
  • Pop Up Markets (July-September)
  • Physical Activity in the Garden (TBA)

Please check our Facebook page for details on upcoming events.

We ask that you respect our community garden and your neighbours by following these guidelines:

  • Check what is ready on the board on the garden shed
  • Let us know how many you are feeding by email or text
  • Please place garden waste in compost bins behind the shed
  • No smoking on the property
  • If you notice any vandalism or hazards, please notify staff

We do more than just grow food

  • We give volunteers a chance to work together as a team
  • We make fresh food available to everyone in our community
  • We bring food out into East Hants with  pop-up markets
  • We offer classes on food preparation and preservation
  • We promote healthy living and spending time outdoors