Legion Air

Legion Air was founded with a vision: providing the transportation that Canadians need for less. With expensive flights, frequent cancellations, lost luggage and a host of other problems plaguing the airline industry, we asked ourselves, “how hard could it be?”

The legion has always been good at saving for a rainy day. We took those funds and, with the help of our loyal patrons, we have created a world-class airline that serves with style. We’ve also listened carefully to those that got us here and have implemented some changes that keep our flights cheap, our staff and passengers happy and most of all, our flights on course.

One key piece of advice that everyone told us: keep things cheap. On our flights, you’ll never pay for something you don’t need. This includes seatbelts, lifejackets and more, because when is the last time you’ve needed one when flying? You can find a full list of extras here: www.easthantslearning.com/legion-air/extras/.

Interested in skipping the line and riding in style? Consider flying 1st class with us! 1st class passengers get to skip the line upon arrival and get a premium, bubble-wrap technology to make you feel like you’re riding on a cloud. You’ll also leave the aircraft first, even in an emergency – if anyone gets out alive, it’s going to be you!

We will only continue to get better as time goes on. That’s because nearly 100% of passengers give us feedback on every flight. How do we get so much feedback? Because passengers get bonuses at their local legion for filling them out. Do you want free wing nights, jig the joker tickets and bottomless drinks? We thought so. Fill out the survey here: www.easthantslearning.com/legion-air/survey/.

Thank you for flying with Legion Air. Now sit back, enjoy your flight and see you at the legion soon.