April 2020

April 2020
It feels like an eternity has passed since our last newsletter. The world has changed in response to COVID-19. Self-isolation and social distancing have become familiar terms and we’re all learning to cope with our new reality. However, this doesn’t mean we’re alone – our online community is stronger than ever and everyone is working to bridge the digital divide.

Please have a look below at some of the steps we are taking to help others during this difficult time. We’re here to support the community and hope that you and your family are staying safe.

Are there any programs or services we can help you with? Let us know!
e-mail communications@communityrider.com

FREE Transportation
It is a challenging time to be without a vehicle. To assist others during this difficult time, our services will be free of charge until the crisis has passed.

If you know someone who needs to get to work, the grocery store, the pharmacy or a medical appointment, we are at your service. We cover East Hants and rural HRM communities from Waverley to Enfield.

If you don’t need to leave home, please continue self-isolating. We simply want to make sure everyone who needs a ride has access.

To book a ride, please get in touch:
call (902) 883-4716
e-mail dispatch@communityrider.com

Learning Online and Over the Phone
East Hants Community Learning is developing distance programming. These programs will help learners continue to work towards goals like obtaining their GED and learning new skills to overcome the challenges of quarantine and isolation.

If you’re having trouble with learning how to use a phone, tablet or computer, get in touch. We can also help you with complicated forms.

For more information, please get in touch:

call (902) 883-1608
e-mail director@easthantslearning.com

Summer Student Position
East Hants Community Learning is looking for an enthusiastic student to join us for this summer in the Elmsdale Community Garden. While things are a bit uncertain with the spread of COVID-19, we still encourage everyone who is interested to apply.

For more information on the position, please see our job posting on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/job_opening/2903116889914565/. Applications are being accepted until April 12th at 12 a.m.

For more information, please get in touch:

call (902) 883-1608
e-mail director@easthantslearning.com

Fall River Office Hours on Hold

East Hants & Area Community Rider is suspending our office hours in Fall River for the time being. However, once people can begin meeting face-to-face again, we want to hold pop up information sessions around the community. Do you know a group of people that would like to learn more about our services? Give us a call and we’ll plan for the future.

This is open to our entire service area. From Waverley to Noel, we’d love to connect! 

Let us know if you have any questions:
call (902) 883-4716
e-mail dispatch@communityrider.com

Staying Positive in a Troubled Time

COVID-19 presents a difficult balance for everyone: it is important to stay informed, but taking in too much information can result in unnecessary panic and pessimism.

Here are some positive thoughts to keep in mind on a day-to-day basis:

  • Most people have quite a bit of free time right now. Consider reaching out and talking to a few people you know every day.
  • Technology puts the world at our fingertips. Instead of dwelling on the spread of COVID-19, explore a different place every day through pictures, videos and sounds.
  • We have lots of time on our hands. Create a list of all the things that a busy life has gotten in the way of and choose one to try each day.
  • Reading is often put on the back burner. Consider picking up a book, either physical or digital, and get back into it. Re-reading an old favourite is a great way to re-ignite your interest.
  • Focus on the positive stories in social media. There are plenty of good deeds happening in our community. Share your own and don’t get sucked into negative comments sections.
Do you have any tips for staying positive? Make sure to share them online and help others get through this. 

Best wishes from all of us at EHCLA. Stay happy and be safe.

A Bit of Trivia
Last month’s question:
What is Canada’s most populated island?

Answer: The island of Montreal is Canada’s most populated island. 1,942,044 people called

the island home in 2016. That’s more than double Nova Scotia’s population in an area
less than a third of East Hants.

This month’s question:

Where in Canada might you find a pingo?
Check out the newsletter next month for the answer!
Thank you for reading. See you next month!

Phil Laven
Communications Manager
East Hants & Area Community Rider
(902) 883-1608