August 2021

August 2021
Making a Busy Summer Better

We hope your summer is going well so far. Our services have certainly been flourishing in the past month. The Community Rider is back to the hustle and bustle of a regular summer and the Community Garden is growing fast.

With the Olympics on the go and summer holidays in full swing, your summer may be proving busier as well. That’s where we can help. From affordable transportation for all ages; free, fresh food; and a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, we’re there to make this the best summer possible.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you or someone you know is struggling. There are always challenges, and we’re always working to lend a helping hand.

For more information about our services, check out our website:

Join us for a Pop Up Market!

Have you come out to one of our pop up markets before? It’s a free, fresh food giveaway through the Elmsdale Community Garden. We prepare a selection of fruits and veggies from our raised garden beds and add to it with $100 worth of produce from Withrow’s Farm Market. We periodically hold them throughout the summer and fall in front of the Community Garden, as well as in locations around East Hants.

Everyone is welcome to come out and help themselves to however much produce they need. All we ask is for the number of people fed. This helps us show funders the number of people our garden helps. By taking part, you are helping us grow access to fresh food in our area.

Our next pop up market is planned for Wednesday, August 4th from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the parking lot next to Home Hardware in Enfield (264 Highway 2). Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more pop up markets as they are scheduled throughout the summer and fall.

For more information about the Community Garden, check out the page on
our website:

Provincial Election – August 17th
Nova Scotia is going to the polls on Tuesday, August 17th. Voting is an important responsibility and you should always take part. With returning offices open, mail-in ballots and COVID-19 precautions in place, voting has been made safe and easy for these challenging times.

To help you make a decision, we have compiled a few resources for you:

You can also watch the candidates debate this Wednesday, August 4th at 6:30 p.m. It will be livestreamed through East Hants & Districts Chamber of CommerceThe Laker News, and on YouTube via Dagley Media.

We hope you’ll take the time and take part in this election. If you need a ride to the polls, Community Rider can help you get there. Once you know when you want to vote, book your ride in advance.

To book a ride with the Community Rider:
phone: 902-883-4716
Save Money on your Groceries
Are you looking to save some money on your grocery bill? The Flashfood app can save you up to 50% off meat and produce. You purchase them through the app and your order is prepared for pick up in store.

Elmsdale Superstore is taking part in this program. It can be a great way to access affordable produce in these times of rising prices.

You can also stop by the Elmsdale Community Garden any time and help yourself to any of the produce that is ready. We have a map of the garden online, which highlights the crops that are ready for harvest. There are also signs in the garden beds marking anything that’s ready to pick.

For more information about the Community Garden, check out the page on
our website:
EHFRC School Supplies Giveaway

The new school year is just around the corner. It’s been a challenging year for many families, and the East Hants Family Resource Centre is doing its part to lighten the load. They are collecting donations of school supplies to give out to local families.

If you are interested in contributing, some suggestions include:

  • Looseleaf paper
  • Pens, markers, crayons
  • $10 gift cards for Dollarama, Superstore or Sobeys
  • Period products
Deadline for donations is Wednesday, August 11th. Supplies will be given out on August 18th & 25th. Check out their Facebook page for further updates.
For more information about EHFRC’s programs and services:
phone: 902-883-4349
Fare Assistance Program

Do you know someone that struggles to afford the cost of transportation? The Fare Assistance Program is open to anyone who is low income or faces financial barriers to access transportation.

Rates for this program are between $5 and $10, depending on your region. For a complete regional breakdown, please visit our website:

Please spread the word about this program. We want everyone that struggles financially in our area to be able to access transportation.

For more information or to book a ride:
phone: 902-883-4716

Keep Learning Over the Summer

While our adult learning classes are out for the summer, there are still plenty of opportunities to learn, both individually and as families. Here are a few ideas to keep your skills sharp and mind active:
  • If you’re watching the Olympics, flags and countries are on full display. Check out this quiz, which has all countries recognized by the UN, along with 3 other independent states.
  • If gardening is your game, give PlantNet a try. It’s a free plant identifier app that can teach you about plants (both wanted and unwanted) in your garden. You may even learn that a pesky weed could be a welcome addition to your crops.
  • If you’re more interested in exploring the outdoors, start up a leaf journal. Collect a leaf every time you go out, write down the date and where you walked and you’ll gradually build a catalogue of the different trees in your area and learn the species.
EHCLA classes are set to resume in person in September. We offer GED prep classes, tutoring, technology classes, workshops and more. Get in touch!
phone: 902-883-1608
Staying Cool in Eastern Canada
This month’s recommendation:

While COVID-19 has not disappeared, our cases remain low and many are thinking about travelling within the country. Whether you are planning a long-awaited trip away or simply considering your options, here are a few places to escape the summer heat.

Tubing on the Miramichi, NB – What better way to cool off than on the river? The Miramichi River is a lovely spot to relax and a
perfect introduction to our neighbour to the northwest.

Cows Creamery, PEI – Take a tour of the creamery and enjoy ice cream and chocolate-covered potato chips before heading off
on a beach adventure on the Island.

Johnson Geo Centre, NL – If you’re visiting St. John’s, there’s a fantastic museum for all ages atop Signal Hill. Go down into the earth, learn about the planet, the stars and more in this spacious cavern.

Montmorency Falls, QC – Did you know there’s a waterfall 30 m taller than Niagara Falls just northeast of Quebec City? You can get up close on the viewing platform and enjoy the cool mist.

Stay tuned for more seasonal suggestions in next month’s newsletter. With any luck, harvest festivals and fresh food events will be in full swing!

Thank you for reading. See you next month!

Phil Laven
Communications Manager
East Hants & Area Community Rider
(902) 883-1608