Community Freezer Going Strong

The Elmsdale Community Garden is proud to maintain a Community Freezer. This resource for the community is available for anyone who needs it. We use funding and donations to fill the freezer with tasty, home-cooked meals prepared by staff and registered volunteers. We had refilled the freezer on January 10th, but by end of day, we were out of meals!

This past year, the Community Freezer has been much more actively used by the community. This has meant more frequent refills and higher costs for ingredients and staff time preparing the meals. As a result, we are turning to our community to seek additional support for this project.

We recently launched our revamped Corporate Sponsorship program. One of the options for sponsorship is to re-fill the Community Freezer for $500. Contributors will be recognized on the poster for the Community Freezer, as well as on our website and in our annual report.

Thank you to our funders and donors that enable us to help others struggling with food insecurity in our community!