Family Literacy Day Scavenger Hunt Adventure

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NOTE: For those taking part in the challenge, please click on the hidden link on this page to take you to the next page. On that page, look for the blue link in the first article.

This Wednesday, January 27th is Family Literacy Day. Every year, we hold an event to celebrate the day. This year, things are different, so we’ve come up with a fun way to celebrate with the whole family.

Our event will take place on Saturday, January 30th. Participants will work together to solve 9 challenges scattered throughout the community. There will be snacks and prizes waiting at the finish line. All of this is designed for each group – social distancing from other participants and mask wearing is encouraged.

While our Scavenger Hunt is fully booked, we welcome your feedback. We would also love to see other organizations hold similar events for local families. Activities like this can bring families together and help make a stressful time just a little bit brighter.

Thanks for participating and happy hunting for clues!